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I'm posting this here in the hopes that somebody here knows something about upgrading hard drives. I posted it in the upgrade section with no reply.

I have a Series 1 Directivo that I upgraded years ago. It recently started constantly rebooting, so I figured the hard drive was about to go. So I used MFSTools to try and save my programs.

However when I tried to make the copy to new hard drives, it copied quite a bit, but then I started getting "DriveReady SeekComplete Error" and "UncorrectableError" on one of the old Tivo drives, and the copy stopped. I got this with both MFSTools as well as the dd copy.

I assume this is what was causing the reboots. Bad spots on the disk. Is there any chance to recover any of the programs? Will the programs that were already copied to the new drives show up if I put the new drives in my Tivo now? Or should I not even try and put the new drives in because of the errors? Should I just start over and just set it up without copying the old programs? Are there any other tools out there that I'm not aware of that can help get old programs off of a hard drive that has some defects? Any help would be appreciated. I'd obviously like to keep as many of the old programs as possible, but not sure if it is feasible. Thanks.
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