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Thanks for your reply. I knew that 131 was something special because the tech's have you tune to it but I did not know it didn't need to have the cable card paired to see it.

In any case that is one of the channels that does not come in at all Here is a list of channels that do come in. Most others do not come in at all.

600, 615, 619, 620*, 628, 631, 632, 645, 650, 657*, 658*, 659*, 663, 667, 669, 670*, 680, 690,
* denotes pixelated.

I got a hold of a tech on the phone late last night. We went over some basic stuff and then paired the cable card again. There was no change. He offered to send a new cable card but I wanted to try and put the old drive back in. I also wanted to try it on OTA antenna.

When I sent my old one in to be exchanged it was doing similar things but the broadcast channels 502-513 were coming in but pixilated. The big difference is when on OTA antenna all but one channel was also pixelated. I just tried connecting to my antenna again and the reception is very good. I am now leaning toward replacing the cable card.

Perhaps the tech you got to pair the card didn't un-pair it first. When pairing a card that has been paired previously, a necessary step is to un-pair it first. I always make sure they do that. Try calling again.
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