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I had a BOLT die and TIVO sent me a replacement. I thought they were going to include instructions but there were none.
However, so far I have found at least one issue that... Wish I had known and saved time.
I got my BOLT up and running (although still having Cable Card issues so only get a few channels) One of the confusing CC issues is the card number I need is printed on the card - the only thing on the card was the MAC the TIVO did show the card number so I did get that.
The other issue that could have had instructions was connecting my MINIs to the BOLT. They said they couldn't find/connect. On my BOLT - MOCA wasn't set up - did that - still not connecting. Finally, looking through documentation I found if you go into setting and devices on the MINI's it showed two LIVING ROOM DVRs - named the same -they were trying to connect to old one and when I selected the other one all worked. WOULD have been great and saved time if they provided instructions telling to go there and do the selection.
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