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I apologize for the repost. I posted this in the S3 forum before I realized there was a Help forum. I'd really appreciate someone confirming if this happens on their box too. If the problem is unique to me, I could still return the box.

Last night, my new TiVo HD (8.1.7c2) rebooted while I was in Search By Title. I'd selected HD, Movies, Anime, typed the letter A and got "Please Wait...". I waited a long time. Eventually it rebooted. "Welcome. Powering up."

I wanted to see if this was repeatable, so I immediately re-did the steps above. After waiting a long time I got "No matches" (or something like that, I don't remember the exact words). Not surprising, there probably are none in my lineup. I hit "left" to leave that and get this screen!!

"Service Message

Please activate service
You service is not currently active. Please call ...
Have your service number handy...

As I was typing this in, it popped itself from that screen to "Find Programs". It seemed to work OK and System Information said "Account in good standing", so I think it was OK. Probably a bug that caused the wrong screen to display as opposed to really thinking I had no service. I rebooted again to "clear things out" and everything seems OK (with respect to needing to activate my service).

But there seems to be a serious, repeatable problem when searching in empty categories.

Any suggestions?
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