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bcurnow said:
I'd settle for that. I'll never use any of the new features, but if I could float them below the features I want, such as the programs running on my own servers, that'll be just fine with me.
Well, I was just playing with it, and it seems it "remembers" where you were in the menu, like the Now Playing list does. So there were no extra clicks to get to my server. Like other TiVo menus, I don't care for the excessive clutter in the interface, but at least it's not completely intrusive.

That said, I did find one of the features I enjoy - the weather forcast. That one impressed a lot of friends today, LOL. It's perfect for me, as I don't need super detailed info (I am one of those people that generally just looks outside, LOL) but it's nice to know when snow is coming/etc.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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