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Removed channels reappear in guide

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I removed all the channels I don't want in the guide. However, the damn shopping channels and DirecTV ad channels are inserted shortly after I remove them. A few others (like one porn channel and some PPV) also come back even after I remove them. I know that DirecTV is getting paid to keep them in my guide but it's poor form to shove them back at customers after the customer explicitly removed them from the guide.

Does anyone know a trick or workaround to make the guide contain what we really want it to have instead of what they want us to have?

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Set up the favorites and use that instead of the channels you receive guide.
DirecTV will force the channels into the channels you receive list, because they make money off of them they won't ley you delete them so as arcady said use the favorite channel list instead
Try this. Go to the setup on the channels that you receive and check remove all or maybe it's delete all. Next, add the channels back that you want. At one time, before 6.2, this worked to keep any new channels from being added. I have not tried it since the 6.2 upgrade. I did this to keep all the seasonional sports and PPV from popping up.
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