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Remove options on "Music, Photos....."?

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Is there any way to remove several of the options in this menu? Or at least re-order the options? It bugs me that the only reason I EVER want to go in there is for photos and music yet I have to scroll through the rest of the crap in that menu.
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Surely this bugs more than just me?! Especially those of you with 3rd party apps like Galion, etc. Is there a way to remove, or at least reorder, the Yahoo options, etc?
I find them annoying as well, but I haven't heard or read of any way to remove them. For me I'd rather my local LAN apps be listed first, but for now the fact that I can have my own apps is enough.
Interactive said:
Surely this bugs more than just me?!
Yeah, it bugs me ... but it's been like that for so long now I just deal with it. No, there's no way to remove or re-order those default entries.
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