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Remote problems....

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Good day,

I'm new here and with my refurb series 2 Tivo.
Just got it and all is well but for the remote... :down:
I'll have a go at explaining the problem.
I have a dishnetwork (echostar) 322 sat box.
It will not correctly change the channels.
sometimes it'll get it right sometimes the first number isnt there then the midlle
or the last doesnt show up. sometimes nothing happens. it's confusing.
I have tried talking to tivo and still am. remote code 10001 sould be the one
working for the sat box.
Odd thing is when i place the IR thingies..(what are those called anyways)
on my sat box my sat remote hardly works anymore like it's slowing down.
During one of my talks with tivo they had me check the IR thingies with my digital
camera. He asked me if they were flashing as i tried to change the channel.
Well they are on all the time!!! Somehow i think thats not right.
When i unplug the IR thingie cable my sat box remote works just fine but when i plug them back in it's like slow motion pressing a button for 5 to 10 seconds before it does anything. I'm thinking that my refurb tivo has a problem.
Any input would be welcome.

Shrekthefearless (This is not really my name)
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Make sure that the IR blasters are plugged into the IR jack and not the Serial Jack.
The TiVo's IR emitter is interfering with the cable box remote, probably because you have it connected wrong as wscannell suggested. Or it's faulty. Once you get it working, you don't want to use the cable remote any longer.

See this thread for info on how to use the 322 box.
Thanks for the reply.

I checked and the ir cable is connected to the right one.
I just got of the phone with tivo and they said that i have a bad ir cable...(at least thats what we hope it is). They will send me a new one on monday.
I'll post the result here so that somebody with the same problem knows what to do.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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