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Equipment is Tivo Roamio, Sharp LC70LE857U TV and BOSE Cinemate GS Series 11 digital home theater speaker system. This has been working for about 4 years. But now, my Tivo remote will not control the BOSE system volume. Until recently, I could push the white button on the BOSE remote to turn on the system. Then, I could use the Tivo remote to mute, and control the volume.

Interestingly, about the same time I was no longer able to turn the TV on and off using the Tivo remote and I noticed that the remote would also not control the TV volume or mute. I figured if I resolved the problem of controlling the TV mute/volume/power, I would also at the same time resolve the BOSE issue.

I was able to find the 4 digit code for the Sharp TV that now allows me to control the power/mute/volume of the Sharp TV. However, the volume and mute still do not work for the BOSE.

The BOSE is connected into the digital audio out port on the TV and if I turn on the BOSE the sound from the TV does come out the BOSE and I can use the BOSE remote to mute and volume control. But not the TIVO remote.

If you have a similar experience and have found the setting I need thank you.
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