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Remote control for Vizio

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Vizio is not listed in the setup for my HR10-250 as a TV for programming the remote control.
Is there a substitute I can use?
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Have you tried the search function built into the remote?
I'm trying to use the DTV remote device
Unless there's a hidden code to activate a search, I don't believe the remote has one
Some remotes allow you to cycle through all of the codes in order to find the one that works. Sometimes another manufacturer's codes will work.
Brynk, did you ever get your Vizio working on the peanut remote?
tazzmission said:
Brynk, did you ever get your Vizio working on the peanut remote?
I emailed Jim Noyd at www.acker.com, who I think is a distributor for Vizio and he said he didn't know of any other name the product was sold under
I got the Vizio 37" last week and the following worked for the power and volume (not mute however) for the vizio on my peanut remote:

Have you tried the manual programming method? See the section titled Performing a Code Search (Chapter 7, page 112 in the HR10-250 manual).
I had the same problem with a 30" Olevia LCD TV that I put in my daughters room that i wanted to control through her Tivo (peanut) remote so I started going through the other brands starting with philips and magnavox etc.
I hit paydirt with the philips and this may be bacause major manufacturers like philips build units for other companies who in turn simply slap their own name on it.
I would try this, you'll probably get lucky.....
For Vizio, try code 0128.

syntax sets have at least 4 different manufacturers, philips, LG, RCA and yamaha.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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