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remote code for ViewSonic N3250W

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Anyone have the remote code that will work for a ViewSonic N3250 32" LCD TV? I have the Philips DSR 6000R01 Tivo and I'd like to use the volume control. I tried the search method, but it didn't work

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I just received the same tv today and I tried the link at http://customersupport.tivo.com/knowbase/root/public/tv1035.htm? to see if I could find a code that worked and so far I have been unsuccessful. Please let me know if you are successful.
no luck yet, ViewSonic says that they don't have a code for this model. If they want to be a player in this market, they need to get with the program!
If anyone finds a code let me know I just purchased the 27" model. Love the TV so far, code would help though....
Did anyone ever figure out a code for these tv's?
Sorry, I haven't had any luck finding a code yet. You might try reposting this topic as new and see if it gets any new hits. If that does help please reply to this thread also.

No, there are no codes for the Viewsonic tv's,and never will with regards to the remotes you own now. There is a code listed for Gateway, 0310, Gateway & Viewsonic use the same codeset. Probably the only tivo remote to accept code 0310 at this time is the one just released with DT SA tivo.
do you know if you can purchase this remote and if it will work with sa series2 tivos.
Its the same remote as the Series 2 SA tivo remote, but with upgraded tv codes. I doubt you can specify DT remote from series 2 SA remote, no.
I would sure love to hear an answer for this as well, I have this TV. Anyone that finds it please PM!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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