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remote: can i use this remote like i did with the hr10?

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i have the vl600 for my hr10 250, (custom programmed most buttons) i hate the peanuts with a passion. i'm assuming i can reprogram the same important buttons with the premier as i did with my old HDTIVO but i wanted to be sure.

basically, just making sure the premier has the same 'functionality' with the new machine as it does with my old one since i know the old one worked with my unit.
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All TiVo remotes are compatible with all TiVos that I've used. Definitely, a remote that controls the HR10-250 will control the Premiere. No reprogramming should be required, except that there are a few extra buttons on the Premiere remote (A, B, C, D). Personally, I've never used them; I understand they have some (minimal, not required) functionality in the HD menus (I use the SD menus).
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