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I've had a 240080 since 2003. Recently the picture sometimes turns reddish, often with flashes of horizontal green lines. The picture will look fine for a while, then reddish with green flashes for a while, then fine for a while, etc.

I think I've isolated the problem to the Tivo unit:

a) The problem only occurs on signals coming from the Tivo. No problem with signal from the DVD player.
b) The problem occurs on ALL signals coming from the Tivo -- S-Video, coaxial routed through the Tivo to the TV, and on a test yesterday, yellow composite from the Tivo to the TV, on a TV port that works fine with the DVD player.
c) The problem occurs through all three cables I've tried, so I don't think it's a cable problem.
d) Even when the Tivo is paused, the problem will appear for a while (on the paused picture), then go away for a while, then appear again, etc. So I don't think the Tivo is just recording a bad signal. I think the Tivo is getting a good signal and making it bad.

Although the unit is old, I don't want to discard it because we have a lifetime Tivo service on it.

Any suggestions? If it's time for a professional repair, is there generally a problem with taking it a local repair shop, or does it need to be sent to Tivo? Obviously the warranty is ancient history.

Any thoughts on whether it sounds like an expensive repair?


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