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CTerrian said:
I have Tivo Series 2, and from what I understand, I can't record and watch a different program at the same time on the Tivo. I'm using a cable splitter, so I can watch TV, and record. But now I'm watching a recorded program, and the red light is on. How can this be? :eek:
I have Toshiba RS-TX20 and this happened to me the other day. I had set a program to record but was watching another channel. I was doing something else when I realized the TiVo hadn't changed to the channel I set to record yet the record light was on. NOTE: I was watching LIVE TV so normally the TiVo would just prompt me and switch over to begin recording. This is not what happened.

When I went to change the channel from 34 to the channel I was hoping it was recording on 31. I got the warning the program I selected to record was in fact recording on 31 and changing the channel would cancel the recording. Yet here I was watching LIVE TV on another channel. Not wanting to risk stopping the recording I went to my TiVo menu and started to play the show as it was recording (figuring TiVo messed up and was either not recording at all or was recording the wrong channel. Could be a glitch right?) and sure enough TiVo was recording the proper channel. I was watching it as it was recording. So it looks as if my unit made a mistake but was able to record one channel while I watched another. I do not have a cable splitter or any special set up. Explain this!

On side note this all happened about a week after my TiVo locked up after I inserted a DVD. Rebooting wouldn't solve the problem as it would get caught in a rebooting cycle. I finally was able to get the DVD out by holding eject and pressing a bunch of keys on the remote.
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