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A couple of questions to help clarify what is going on with your TiVo.

What model and series is your TiVo? The first three digits of your TiVo Serial Number (TSN) will do.
Do you have a cable box?
If yes, how is it connected to the TiVo?
Are you using the serial connection or the IR connection to change channels on the cable box?
Are you using the TiVo remote or the cable box's remote?
Does the cable box turn itself off after some timeout period?
Are you turning off the cable box when you stop watching live TV?

When using a TiVo with a cable box, you need to hide the cable box remote, so you aren't tempted to use it. The TiVo must control the cable box so it knows what current channel is. If you use the cable box's remote, you are confusing the TiVo.

From your description, it sounds like the cable box is turning itself off before your TiVo can record the show. You'll have to search through your cable box's menus to find a setting that leaves the cable box on all of the time. If you are using a UPS with your TiVo (highly recommended BTW), plug your cable box into it as well. Most cable boxes do not turn on automatically when they lose power.

Hope that helps,
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