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I was flipping channels late last night,
and ran across a 1 on 1 interview with director Steven Spielberg.
BTW - it was really insightful...

It was on TCM from 11:00 till 12:30.
I must have flipped by at around 11:45 (1/2 way - 45mins)

So - I push "record" to save it for the others in the house,
and continue to watch it real time.

After it was over, I went back to to play it.
This is what was recorded:

The info indicates 44mins was recorded.
when playing it - the beginning has several minutes of OTHER channels !

Comedy Central - #47 (some standup - info bar show 0:45 -> 1:30)
then at 0:50 on the bar, flips to Mythbusters

Discovery - #43 (mythbusters - info bar shows 1:39 -> 1:30)
then at 1:44 on the bar, flips to the Spielberg interview

TCM - #40 (the Spielberg interview - infor bar shows 0:45 -> 1:30)

AND - while watching, can't FF as it goes back to the Comedy Central show ?

Any ideas what the heck is going on here ?

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tried that - a restart -

also noticed it on another movie that was a partial recording,
but ok on another show that again was a partial realtime recording ?

can't figure out the sequence or other factors...

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just a thought....
since I was flipping - it's almost like the buffer actually stored the other channels until I flipped away, but does not actually reset to the beginning... even though it looks like that.

Then - when I landed on TCM and the Spielberg interview,
I hit "record" and it "saved" the entire buffer - with the other briefly viewed other channels/shows - and kept recording the rest of the current show.

Looks like some kind of bug when hitting "record" on a current show,
and TiVo not doing proper garbage cleanup (buffer pointer reset) between channel flips.
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