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Yes, even on a Series 3 (which records HD.) Not every show on a HD channel will have a HD tag, if you solely rely on that.
If you record on a particular channel, the One Pass HD select option is not meaningful and is turned off. But how I interpret OP's missive is that he selected a single program from the guide, no One Pass involved and there was no HD selection involved; if there were a One Pass, he could have looked at it and seen what channel was selected and the value of the HD selection.

I see two possible explanations for his situation:
  • He actually was on channel 55 instead of 755 when he selected the program to record, and just didn't remember correctly.
  • Late at night, after OP has fallen asleep, his wife stealthily crept down and changed the recording as the first step in her campaign to convince everyone that he has lost his mind.
My money is on the latter possibility.
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