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Record programs onto TIVO from Sky+ hard drive or VHS

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As the title really, is it possible to record items from the hdd of sky+ or from a VHS directly on to TIVO, presumably through the AUX scart. Would connecting this up to do a recording like this mean my having to re run guided setup of anything afterwards.

You see, it would be good to put stuff onto TIVO like this, as one can do all kinds of cool stuff, that we can`t discuss, with stuff recorded on TIVO. I have some stuff on SKY+ that I really should have recorded onto TIVO.

Anyone know how to go about this, and what to be aware of if doing it.
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Should be pretty simple. Assuming that your TIvo is already configured to record from the Aux Scart socket (eg from Sky or Freeview), just plug the VCR or Sky+ into the Aux socket, and start a manual recording on Tivo on any channel (eg 101 i on Sky, 1 if on Freeview) for the correct duration.

That will cause it to copy whatever is coming into the Aux socket - so just press play on the VCR or Sky+, and Tivo will record it!
Thanks for the info, I`ll give it a try.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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