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Recent Tivo Series 2 lockups

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I have two series 2 single tuner tivos. One of them has recently begun to lock up for no apparent reason. It only happens once in a while, but when it does happen, it is locked up hard. The screen is frozen and the only thing I can do is unplug and replug the TiVo to get it working again. I'm not exactly sure when it happens, but I'm guessing it is in the middle of the night or the morning hours, because it's fine at night when I'm watching it, but the next time I watch after going to bed, it's locked up.

Any ideas what could be happening with it? If anyone needs more information to diagnose, I'd be happy to provide it.

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Check the cooling, vents free, fan turning and for plenty of unrestricted air flow.

The symptoms you describe could also be a failing hard drive. The Underground Playground > TiVo Upgrade Center has a lot of information about checking and replacing or upgrading your hard drive.
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