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I think the original S3 will be discontinued. The TiVo HD will cannibalize sales terribly since it has most of the features for only a little of the cost. And the platform has clearly been designed for growth - so they can introduce models with more or less storage as needed. I think the TiVo HD platform will replace the S3 *and* the S2DT over time, unifying TiVo's products on one reference design.

The S3 is clearly more expensive, and some of the components used are getting long in the tooth, comparatively. It doesn't seem to make sense to refresh the design when they have the TiVo HD.

Storage and the remote are easily handled - a larger drive and just bundle the Glo remote. Or people who really want it can buy it separately, and it still costs less than the S3.

If they feel the front panel is that big a deal, the entire front of the unit is a module that can be readily replaced. There are even extra cable pass-throughs in the sheet metal that aren't used today. It looks like it may have been designed with different front panels in mind.
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