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I bought a Humax DRT400 a few weeks ago. It is now being replaced because it is defective.
I've yet to send in the rebate for it and now I'm wondering what information I use for the rebate.

Do I use the Tivo service number and UPC of the old unit or the number and UPC of the replacement unit?

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Had the same issue with my DRT-800. Sent in the rebate form stuff, tivo broke, had tivo replaced, got card in mail saying my unit was not in service, called and faxed my info back for the new tivo, 8 weeks after that, received rebate. Just make sure you have copies of BOTH. I think they wanted that from me when I called in. Oh, it was with the OLD rebate service that was not customer friendly.
good luck!

ps.... make copies of everything and keep at least two of them :)

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