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Really Need Help - IR Emitter

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Hello, I just purchased my Tivo, and I'm having extremely bad luck...

First, credit card is maxed, so I cannot activate the service...

Second...I'm trying to set up my Tivo with a Digital Cable Box (Scientific Atlanta 3200 HD)

It appears that I need an IR Emitter, and I have phoned about 5 stores in town and they don't carry them.

Is there any other option for me? I really have no idea about setting this unit up.

I'm a Canadian customer using Rogers Digital Cable if that doesn't matter.

Thanks for any help!
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If you bought your TiVo new it should have come with an IR emitter. You can buy a replacement here. Look for "IR Control Cable."
Ya, didn't buy it new. Don't have the IR emitter and Tivo doesn't seem to want to ship to Canada...

Is the IR emitter completely necessary?

It would probably be easier to ditch the digital cable box and just stick with regular cable...(My TV won't record HD anyways...)
Yeah. Get rid of the cable box and connect the cable directly to the Tivo. No IR cable needed.

The IR cable allows the Tivo to change the channels on the cable box. You'd want to do this if you have premium channels you can only get via the cable box. If you just have basic cable, you don't need he cable box and the Tivo can do the channel changing itself.
You don't have to use the TiVo supplied adapter. Most are essentially function the same.
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