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Real World: Sydney (SPOILERS)

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I can't be the only one watching this. It's hard to find someone likable in this group. I guess Isaac hasn't been too annoying, and I laugh every time I hear the name Cohutta. My favorite moment so far was when Trisha broke up with her boyfriend because he didn't call her for two days or something like that. Classic. The Parisa/Dunbar/KellyAnn drama has already gotten old and we're just at the start of the season.

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Trisha and KellyAnn are both valley girls. Parisa sound like the sanest one in the house.
Haven't watched (or enjoyed) a Real World show since I think the season that Pedro guy died...and that season wasn't even that good back then.

Only the very first season though was "real"...after that it was mainly a bunch of wanna be models/actor wannabe's mugging for the camera....
Between how unlikable the people are and how annoying the Guide Data was (having to delete all the extra showings), this season only lasted about three episodes for me.
I finally gave up completely during the San Diego season after the third arrest. The jobs were completely lame already and with them having unlimited drinking money, nothing of use was happening. Ultimately this is what will kill all reality programming. They're no longer real. Before there was a mix of good and bad, lazy and not etc. Now they all are juvenile boozing idiots. Sure, there are some people with enough family money to do that but they don't live with 6-7 other people like that in an over the top crib.
The Real (Drunk) World!

The show has gone downhill. I am kind of watching this season but it is already giving me that stale flavor.
I can't really stop watching the show.. I have watched every season since it has been on, so I feel kind of stuck.

This is one of the least likable casts in memory though. Don't really like any of them. Isaac is interesting, but that is about it.

They have removed all the realness from the show long ago. There is not struggle or strife to be there. Their jobs are always ridiculous, and not worth getting paid, yet they get ridiculous sums for doing it. This is to keep the less fortunate housemates from having to work real jobs while in the house and thus taking them off camera.

And it is sad that essentially all any season does now is go out and get drunk. I was not doing much more than that at their age, but I was not on tv.

All that being said, I will still keep watching.
I watch it and it's terrible. Isaac, Shauvon, and Cohutta are the only ones that seem to have their heads on straight. Trisha is a valley girl with no sense of reality. Kelly Anne is just as fake, but plays more of the tag along role. Parisa, well, unfortunately Trisha is right. Parisa does kind of act like she thinks she's better than everyone. Dunbar is a moron. He didn't get much airtime for the 1st few shows, but this last one makes you realize what a dolt he is. The other 3 I can handle. Isaac is clearly there to have a good time, but not be a jerk in the process. Cohutta is just out there, but seems to be pretty geniune. Shauvon has a HUGE rack, but it seems like she's more down to earth than any of the other girls.

Honestly, I hate that I watch this show, but sometimes I throw it on while going in and out to the grill. I need to just watch Laguna Beach and call it a day.

edit: Do we know what their "Job" is going to be yet?
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Hopefully they have to box kangaroos at the circus for a job.
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