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A-1 said:
My Tivo is always connected to the internet yet I read all this talk about 9.1 update and now 9.2. What could be causing my S3 sluggish or absent updating?
Not to worry...it will happen. It's possible that TiVo has halted v9.1 rollout at this point.

If I were you I'd be happy to stick with v8.3x for the time being. The only really useful upgrade with v9.1 was the Boolean ability given to the Wish Lists. v9.2 has that and a number of more useful upgrades.

Currently v9.2.J is in release as a trial version to a small number of TiVo HD and S3 participants. (see here for more). Once TiVo is satisfied that everything is good it will be rolled out to everyone's TiVo HD and S3...and likely S2's.

There will be a Priority Page on TiVo's website for those that want to receive the release ASAP. But again, I would NOT sign up right now or you may get v9.1. I'd just wait for v9.2 to become available to everyone. Watch the forum and you'll soon see when the general rollout starts, probably in the next two to thee weeks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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