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I have two Tivo's they both went out about a week apart, Frozen on start up; technician says time to buy another one, I do not have 300.00 floating around could use at least one Tivo box though for now, I see refurbs for 79.95 but I can not use my existing plan they say, why not ?? one year has to start all over again? I have been paying on time for the past 4 years; Why can't I buy one and add it to my current plan? scrap the other ones, techs say the drives are fried; can someone at a high level flip a swicth, pull the trigger and let me me buy a Tivo box so I can use it with my existing 12.95 a month plan unless anyone has any ideas I am open for suggestions, who is the top guru I can call e-mail and or send letters to and or is there a simple way and don't say ebay or weakness; I can only afford around $80.00 or can someone takes these two large paper weights and trade them in series 2 40GB the older 2005 models, Thanks e-mail me at [email protected] my name is Kevin and need some tivo help please.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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