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I’ve had an odd issue that has come up recently. I have two DirecTiVo R10 units. One unit is a stock original, taken out of the box and barely used. In all actuality, I have found that the second input of this unit doesn’t work at all. However, since this unit is only hooked up to one coax cable, it’s never been an issue.
My primary TiVo is also a R10 unit, with a WeaKnees expanded HD (400 GB). No additional software loaded, so apart from the hard drive, it’s stock. I am on version 6.3e(-01-2-531). It’s been a champ. Well, until recently, where I’ve been getting “Searching for Signal on: Satellite In 2”. I can reset the box and everything is good again for a little while. I have validated that all of the cable connections are secure. A signal test comes up strong – in the 90s.
I have also switched the connections on the back of the TiVo, but the problem still shows up as Satellite In 2. This leads me to think that the problem is not in the cables, the multiswitch, nor the dish itself. Is there something obvious with troubleshooting that I’m missing? Could this be that my TiVo is *gasp* failing?
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