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R10 freezing/pixelation

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I have an R10, and I am noticing a lot of pixelation on my TV. Sometimes as frequent as every 5-10 minutes the screen will freeze for 1-2 seconds and the pixelation will appear on the screen. Other times, I can go for hours without pixelation.

Also, weather doesn't seem to be a factor, as this occurs even when it is sunny outside. Is this normal? I've only has the R10 for about 1 1/2 months. My old regular receiver never had this issue.

Is this a cable problem, or an R10 problem, or just something I have to live with?

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No, not normal. I'd check the easy stuff first, like signal strength. That would eliminate the obvious.
I'm beginning to think this is more of an R10 problem than sat strength, weather, etc....

If you do a search there are SEVERAL thread in regards to similar problems others (myself included) are having with the R10. If anyone ever finds a solution, feel free to let me in on it.
I have both an R10 and R15 on one tv. I am experiencing the same problem that you are on the R10 but not on the R15
I have 2 R10s and a R15 and the picture quality is the same.
I just got an R10 for my parents for Christmas - theirs is doing this, but mine that I've had for a year is not. I just tried restarting the new one, we'll see if that clears it up or not. Signal strength looks good to me.
This is not normal behavior for the R10. Take it back and exchange it , as I did after having similar problems.
I am having this same problem too with my new R10. I got an R10 at Best Buy over a week ago, and brought it home, and I was having this exact problem. I took it back last night, got a new R10, and it's giving me the same problems..this is definitly an R10 issue in my opinion.

I have 2 other DTivo's installed, and they are all working great. I have switched locations of where the the IRD's are installed, all with the same results.

I would LOVE a solution to this problem.

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