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Questions from neighbor considering switch to DirecTV

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I have telling my neighbor about the benefits of DirecTV's PQ and DVR over analog cable.

They have a few questions that I was not sure of how to answer.

Their current setup is:

(1) Cable box.. rented
(4) TVs with cable service [including the one with the cable box]

To get TV service on all four TVs would they still have to get a two year contract assuming all the equipment they get is used and they do not use any equipment rebates?

I will be giving them
a dish
a multi-switch
all the cable for the inside and outside cable runs
installations of dish, multi-switch, cable runs and receivers
(some of the receivers are old and DirecTV may not activate)
(so they may need to come from e-bay)
1 DVR (T-60)
3 old receivers circia mid 1990s (series 3 cards so they may be obsolete)

So other then the cost for the basic package and locals and of course the dreaded taxes the other costs would be DVR fee ($5.99) and one mirroring fee ($?.??) for the 3 stand alone receivers correct?

Their biggest concern next to cost is the contract.

Since this will involve all used equipment, they should not have to worry about getting the service started before the leased equipment method goes in to effect, correct?

Thanks .. and my neighbor thanks you
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I don't think they will have any contractual issues. All they will be calling DirecTV for is activating the receivers. The contract would come into play if they were getting new equipment and/or and installation, I believe.

As for the old receivers, I don't think that will be an issue. I have recently had my original receiver from early '98 activated. My FIL is using his original from late '96 or early '97 still.
There will be a mirroring fee for each receiver activated beyond the first receiver (or dvr). In this case, they will have three mirroring fees ($4.99 x 3 = $14.97).
They may very well also have to buy new access cards. It is DirecTV policy to use new cards when old equipment changes hands. They charge $20 each for the cards. Some people have been able to activate old cards, others have not.
I don't know about the committment - but I would expect DirecTV to try and tie them to at least a one year. Only way to find that out would be to call DirecTV and ask them.
SeattleCarl said:
I don't know about the committment - but I would expect DirecTV to try and tie them to at least a one year. Only way to find that out would be to call DirecTV and ask them.
Thanks for all the quick responses.

I have not called DirecTV for answers because I get different answers each time. I am more likely to get a correct answer here then from the official source [DirecTV]. It sort of reminds me of the IRS. You can call the IRS for a TAX questions and if they give you a wrong answer..tough..if it cost you penalties because of their mistake, you are still on the hook. They even state they are not held responsible for wrong answers.
If your neighbors are concerned about cost, their best bet is to purchase a new install with a 3-room setup, including DVR. They are still available for $99 with the $100 rebate - read free after the rebate. No new cards to buy, nothing. Your install for them may be superior however.

There won't be an answer either here or from DirecTV as to exactly what commitment or cost they will incur, because it varies. The variation is because there are no hard and fast rules for either activating a new customer (usually commitment) or for activating used equipment. Good luck.
My parents activated my old tivo and they got stuck with a new 2 year commitment even though it wasn't a new machine.

Before recommending D* to any new customers, I'd recommend looking at this thread: http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=282918

Directv is raising rates again.
As "FIRST-TIME" new subscribers, they should be able to get the Deal of the day, installed for FREE.

Make sure they order through the directv.com website, this way you'll get a credit on your bill as the referral.
SecureTal -- Aside from unloading a bunch of boxes from your garage, what's in it for you to become the tech on this guys install for the rest of your life?

I'm all for helping out a neighbor but this is setting yourself up for a lot of grief, any time something goes wrong with a tv, radio, phone or computer they're going to assume your install had something to do with it and want you to fix it - at 3 in the morning.

It would be a different thing if DTV wasn't giving away installs and all sorts of boxes, if you feel the need to do something, slip the installer a six pack and have him run all the dual feeds on the initial install.

Doesn't your wife have somehing for you to do around your own home?? Wouldn't the rewards for that be better than what your neighbor has to offer?

Been there, done that, won't go there again....
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