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We have three S1 Tivos with lifetime purchased in 2001 and so we're thinking of taking advantage of the $299 S2 Lifetime transfer offer before the 27th of July.


We use and love Dish Network. So, our S1's use the little IR adapters to change the chanels on our Dish sat boxes.

Can we use a S2 with the IR adapters still? I thought I read that the S2 didn't work with Dish boxes.

Also, one of our S1 Tivos is unused. It broke and was replaced under warranty and we never hooked it back up. It's just sitting in the attic. It has lifetime service on it too. If we want to sell it would it be better to sell it now before this offer is over OR buy the upgrade to lifetime S2 and then sell that for more than $299?

Thanks in advance for the help and advice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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