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Questions about moving

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Moving into a new house in about a month, and we currently have a single HR10 and a 3-LNB dish. I know if I do the DTV moving program, they'll install a new dish and leave my old one for the next people (the new house has two older--round--DTV dishes, but I don't think I'll need to keep those).

I'm taking the opportunity of the move to get an HDTV for the bedroom and will want another DVR. So what are the chances that DTV will give me an HR20, 5-LNB dish, and run extra cables to the two rooms that'll have dual-tuner DVRs at little or no cost? I guess I have some leverage in that I could switch to Comcast and buy a couple of $299 Series 3s, but I'm wondering how to handle it.

Any advice?
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Call them. If you've been a long time subscriber you can probably get a sweet deal. It's really the HR20 price you want to negotiate because the 5-LNB dish will be installed free with any new HiDef Receiver or DVR.
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