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Question on Upgrading...

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I have had my Tivo series 2 model for umm 4 years now. I am on the $12 per month plan.

I want to get a new Tivo series 3 model. I was hoping to keep the current plan of the $12 a month. Is it possible?

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If your plan is to replace the the S2 with the S3 and still have only one Tivo then yes, you can and there are two ways to do it.

Option 1. Cancel the sub on the S2 and start a new subscription and commit to three years of service to get the $12.95/mo rate.

Option 2. Transfer the service from the S2 to the S3. The easiest way to do this is online at tivo.com. Just go to "manage my account" and sign in. Then choose "change service number" (from the menu on the left). Then you indicate the TSN of the The S2 and enter the TSN of the S3 then click on the "Change" button.

About any rebate - you can't get a rebate if you choose option #2. Rebates have to be on new subscriptions. A new subscription will require you to commit to 1, 2 or 3 years of service. Transfering service from one tivo to another is NOT a new subscription. Choosing option #1 is the only way to get the $12.95/mo rate and a rebate. If you get a Tivo HD rather than the S3, there is no rebate at this time, so option #2 would be the better option
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Great advice mick!

There was a topic a bit back very similar to this. I do believe the only option the OP has is Option 1 if they go with Tivo.com.

Why I say this is because if you cannot purchase a Series 3 or TivoHD from Tivo.com without a New Subscription. They will not ship out a unit as a replacement or to upgrade.

If the OP purchases a unit from a Retail Store, then they do have the option to do this.

So I would say the better option would be Option 1.

And Welcome to the Forum AfricanLived. :D
Thank you very much guys... I was in Africa for 2 years volunteering with the Peace Corps and seriously, the first thing I did when I got home was power up my Tivo player... then I found out that my Dad didn't cancel the subscription for it and it had been sitting a box for 2 years being paid for... DOH!

thanks again!
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