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Question I've had regarding external drive Bolt

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I've had thoughts similar to Dan before considering the modification to my Bolt using an external enclosure. I stumbled upon this question being asked a couple years ago but didn't see much conversation. My external drive enclosure and Tivo would be both powered from same BackUPS but that doesn't do anything to disqualify the interest in 'asking'.

How does the TiVo react if the power to the drive is lost but not the power to the TiVo? Not sure if that's a scenario the software is designed to handle or not.
I'm not sure how they react to that either. In the old days everything ran off the drive, so if it died the OS would likely crash. Current TiVos only use the drive for video storage, with the OS running from internal flash RAM so I'm not sure if the OS would crash or not if the drive suddenly died.
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