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Question about Heroes S1 DVDs

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I noticed in the ads it says "includes the never-before-aired series premiere from show creator Tim Kring"? Is that an entire episode that was never aired, or just a re-edit of the first episode?
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Its probably the original pilot. Its good. There are only a few differences than the first episodet hat originally aired but nothing that significantly changes the storyline. I definately recommend watching it though.
Yes, as mentioned, it's the original 70 minute pilot from the spring of 2006 that was shown at Comic-Con (and, I believe, 'leaked' on the net too) last summer.

It's - very broadly - the first two episodes of the series without the filler. That is, the original pilot was reworked a little (from a writing/editing standpoint) and split across two episodes but, because of some changes that were made, episode 2 needing more than a little padding to fill out the runtime. Which is why it's such a yawner...
Entertainment Weekly has a good review of the Season 1 DVD box set, including information about the "bonus" unaired pilot ...

Link: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20052767,00.html
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