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TWC in Dallas has 3 channels for each of the major networks.

First channel is "Analog" SD version This is the analog version, a duplicate of the same channel found in the <100 Analog cable.

Second channel is a DIGITAL SD Version (Digital signal from the station, but no HD)
This is the same signal that you would find being broadcast and received on ATSC OTA Tuners in SD format.

3rd channel is a DIGITAL HD Channel.

Here is the list.

Is The HD list. It is the only one you NEED for the Tivo HD.

357 - Fox HD (KDFW)

363 - NBC HD - KXAS
369 - ABC HD - WFAA (Has local news in HD)
375 - CBS HD - KTVT (Local news in HD starting 9-1)
381 - PBS HD - KERA
387 - KTXA (21) HD
417 - CW HD - KDAF

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