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Ok I got setup with Time Warner today using a Multi-Stream Cable Card and a TivoHD.

Amazingly everything went smoothly and continues to.

I was very worried but turned out to be fine.

So now I have the channel list (I wasn't a time warner customer before) and I"m a little confused. For example all the network channels have this:

ABC - WFAA 8 8/368
ABC - WFAA 8 (Digital) 370
ABC HD 369

I have a 720p TV.

What's the difference between them? Which one do I use if I want to record SD programming and which one do I use if I want to record HD programming?

Another question: If I record a SD show on an HD channel will it take the space on the hard drive of a HD recording? (I'm assuming yes.)


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I am on TWC in Richardson, TX with S3...

You actually get the networks on 4 channels.

For the ABC example:
8 - analog - basic cable mapping
368 - analog - mapped up to another slot in the digital section
369 - digital - HD channel
370 - digiital - SD simulcast

So, if you want to record something and not burn HD disk space, use the digital SD simulcast channel, especially if the content is NOT in HD resolution.

BTW, I am planning to get a TiVoHD by the holidays and am glad to hear TWC has multistream cards. How much are they charging for them? I hope to be able to migarate my S3 to an M-card as well someday soon to save on the card fees.

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TWC in Dallas has 3 channels for each of the major networks.

First channel is "Analog" SD version This is the analog version, a duplicate of the same channel found in the <100 Analog cable.

Second channel is a DIGITAL SD Version (Digital signal from the station, but no HD)
This is the same signal that you would find being broadcast and received on ATSC OTA Tuners in SD format.

3rd channel is a DIGITAL HD Channel.

Here is the list.

Is The HD list. It is the only one you NEED for the Tivo HD.

357 - Fox HD (KDFW)

363 - NBC HD - KXAS
369 - ABC HD - WFAA (Has local news in HD)
375 - CBS HD - KTVT (Local news in HD starting 9-1)
381 - PBS HD - KERA
387 - KTXA (21) HD
417 - CW HD - KDAF


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I am amazed you got a Multi Stream Card!!! I have 2 single streams and they told me today that they are still out of cards altogether and that they would be bringing out new cards in about a month.

I only have 2 probs with TWC and TivoHD One is that I do not receive some digital channels with the cable cards. Bravo and a couple others that my GF watches daily don't tune in Digital.

And the other is probably a Tivo/TV issue, but now and then when I change channels audio drops completely. I am going HDMI to the TV and toslink out to the receiver. it is getting annoying.
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