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I have a couple of DVD's of family videos (shot with a 8mm video recorder then transfered to DVD via a retail store service). Recently, I started playing around with a program called "Videora Tivo Converter". It seems to work well encoding video to the TiVo format.

I convert the Video, then move the Video to my TiVo Desktop folder, where I then transfer the newly created video to either of my Series 2 TiVo's.

Each video (there are 4 in all) has a unique name when I create the video and save it to the hard drive of my PC. Since they all have unique names, I cannot seem to figure out a way to have them all in one folder on my TiVo. I currently have them labeled "Home Video 1, Home Video 2, etc).

Is there a way that all of my home videos can be in one folder on my TiVo? (I am not asking about turning on/off folders - I know about that).

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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