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My guess is that Ben was not himself, or at least not his present self, when he stepped into the chamber. Someone, probably future Ben, leaped into him, and controlled him to do all the stuff that he did behind his team's back.

If this is true, then it could very well be that he was the one who brought Al's daughter in for help rather than her convincing him to keep things from his team for some greater purpose that she had discovered.

As far as the writing was concerned, I do agree with those who think it was bad. There were too many moments of fake drama, where they tried to artificially amp it up only to then resolve it moments later.

Currently I haven't bought into any of the characters' relationships with anyone else. The first episode felt to me more like a dramatic reenactment of the story behind the Quantum Leap program's resurrection rather than making me feel as if I was watching the "actual" events.

The overall story was intriguing enough for me to keep watching, though, so I will continue for now, and hope that the writing improves.
You are echoing my own thoughts, like you I am on the fence at the moment on if I keep watching. I would enjoy a storyline along the idea you put forward. I guess time will tell.
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