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Quality of THD over SD DirecTivo

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I have a pretty crappy TV. Well, not exactly crappy, but a CRT SDTV. It's a CRT 27" Sony WEGA. Right now, I have a DirecTivo hooked up to the S-Video in. The TV has a component input, but only up to 480i. Should I expect any significant quality difference of the quality of the picture using 480i component(from an HD picture) versus S-Video(on my DirecTivo, from an SD signal)?

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There is marked improvement. An HD signal, even downrezed to 480i, still looks pretty damn good compared to a standard definition signal. I've seen it first hand, and upgrading to component will give you some improvement in color saturation.

In fact, I did almost exactly the same thing for about 2 years: HD DVR outputing 480i to a 27" CRT display over component video. I finally upgraded to an HD display about 6 months ago.
I also saw an improvement in most of my SD channels switching to WOW cable. DTV's compression has caught up with them.
I definitely saw an improvement in the SD channels when I hooked up my TiVo HD to a 11-year-old RCA tube that had only S-video. And that was before I switched from analog cable to digital.
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