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QAM Fix - how hard would this be?

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It seems to me that there is a quick fix that TiVo could implement that would satisfy 60-90% of users. I say 60-90% based on an unscientific study of posts concerning QAM mapping.

It appears that the majority of users are in the same boat I am. I have all local HD stations mapped properly by TiVo to the same channel as the OTA stations. In my guide I have two channels labeled 7-1(local ABC). One channel from cable that tunes perfectly with no guide data and one from the antenna the tunes for crap with guide data

If TiVo were to simply put the guide data in QAM channels that have the same station ID as OTA channels my problems would be solved. I understand that it would not be a complete fix for everyone. I would still like the ability to manually map other QAM channels I receive like DiscoveryHD. I know not all local QAM channels map correctly because of the data stream from the cable operators. But if TiVo implemented this fix they would satisfy a majority of users and put the burden on the cable operators for the rest.
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This has already been suggested many many times over the last 6 months to a year. Read the QAM mapping threads if you are interested in the discussion. TiVo apparently does not feel it is high enough priority to address. They haven't come right out and said that, but have never commented on it and no updates have addressed it.
BTW we already know this stuff can work without CableCARD because it worked for TWC Austin. TWC Austin uses PSIP to map the channels to match the cable channels #s. When the local Austin users complained the cable guide data was missing information, additional guide data was added. This allowed TWC Austin users to have there digital cable channels on S3 map to proper guide data without using CableCARD.

Later on this functionality was disabled. I think the guide data was changed, but it could have been TWC PSIP changed their mapping. TiVo said they don't support that config. I relaying from memory what one of the TWC Austin users posted so I might be remembering details incorrectly but the main gist is there.
It still works just fine in Austin. There was a temporary glitch in May but it has been corrected.
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