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PyTivo, Streambaby, VLC Media Player, Xilosoft Video Converter

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Hello All,

I had occassion to try to stream an episode of Deadwood. It was an AVI file. It didn't streamwell as it was a large HD file and my Streambaby files don't seem to handle some of my HD files to well.

Not to worry. I pushed it over with PyTivo. That was fine but the audio was out of sync and rather badly.

So I recoded the file using Xilosoft. And I selected a format compatable with TIVO. It thought perhaps PyTyvo was transcoding on the fly into MPG2 and that was my problem. That didn't help. If anything the new file was worse.

So I just watched the episode on another TV that had a computer hooked up. Playing the file with VLC Media Player and the program plays perfectly.

I am not sure why this file was a problem. I have not had many problems. But I thought I would pass it along for others who might have sync problems.

Hopefully, my later episodes will be fine and I can go back to watching them on my TIVO.

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