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pyTivo stopped working

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For some reason, I no longer seem to to able to have my Tivo see my pyTivo beacon from my computer. Whats worse, I can no longer browse to the IP address that the Tivo allegedly uses when its connected to my network.

Where do i begin to troubleshoot this? Yes, I can force the tivo to connect to the network; but I'm thinking the new software no longer just keeps the tivo's connection alive.
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oh, and also, if i use the Tivo Transfer software on my mac, it connects to the network and sees the tivo on the network; but i'm still not able to browse to it in a browser (as i used to be able to)
Are you using static or dynamic IP addresses? Is it possible the address of your TiVo changed? If you go into the Network screen on the TiVo you can confirm the address it's currently using.

You could also try just rebooting the TiVo and see if that helps. My boxes will stop responding to TiVo Desktop and be unavailable on the network sometimes and a reboot usually fixes it.
Ive rebooted the tivo itself twice; each time it gets the same IP address (or claims to have one) but my router doesn't show it in the DHCP client table; even right as I trigger a network connection process from the SETUP screen. hmmm.
What IP address is it? Does it start with 169? Is your TiVo wired or wireless?
For some reason, its now working; I dont know what happened; but it was down for 2 days. I've noticed that since 10.7.3 (I use pyTivo on OSX) was released, if i leave pytivo running all day it crashes my computer eventually
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