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First, let me say I'm not very literate with most of this stuff. I've been using version 1.6.19 without problems since I installed it but I've been trying to install the 1.6.24 update without success. My computer (W 10) keeps saying that It's running and I need to close (whatever) is keeping me from updating the version. I've tried everything I can think of as far as turning off or exiting pyTivo but still something's apparently running in the background that I can't find. I've disconnected both external hard drives that are storing files with no success. I can't uninstall the program without getting the same error message and right now the program isn't running right as it displays 'Error connecting to pyTivo'. I pretty much use the program to offload shows from my BOLT and put them on an external HD and like it a lot due to its speed of transfers. Any suggestions???
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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