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pytivo: can a new router mess up what used to be a good connection?

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ever since i installed a linksys 1200, i've had pytivo issues. blue light staying on the tivo, wouldnt encode...would turn on the blue light but not do a thing etc ..it always seems rebooting the computer would fix it at least temporarily but since nothing else but a new router has changed, i dont know what else could be wrong

also even though i can push ok now, i cannot always pull from tivo. sometimes that option is simply not on the pytivo interface. also the little window at the bottom left of the screen changes from DVR 123 to what i believe is the unit serial number. so when i dont see the DVR123 i know it's not going to work

any ideas what the ghost is?

i dont know if this means anything but i've been fighting for days to get a linksys gaming adapter hooked up and i had no success..i've never changed any pytivo settings but have changed router settings a bunch of times. would that be related at all?
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Some linksys routers will block bonjour traffic. Check to see if "'filter multicast" is enabled in the router's settings. Or use a better router.
it was not checked but i did so now. this is new router so none other will be purchased

Filter Internet NAT Redirection is also not checked

also at all times the tivo does show up in the client table. is that alone proof the tivo is properly connecting?

would filter multicast off have anything to do with a gaming adapter that will connect to the network but not the gaming adapter?
uncheck "filter multicast" - you want it disabled. NAT has nothing to do with tivo connecting. You'll want to hardwire the tivo to the router if you can - there are known WiFi problems w/ Tivo and bonjour broadcasts over WiFi.
also - are you running the latest firmware on the linksys? If not, upgrade to the latest.
it auto updates when installing the new router

tivo is hardwired to the router but since i installed it i have nothing but trouble with pytivo which is why i asked if the router can mess up pytivo at all or maybe i did something on the linksys setup on my laptop that messed up pytivo?

2nd issue is no internet on gaming adapter to other PC in other room and just reading about multicasting i thought turning it on may fix it, but it didnt. still have the G light on but no internet coming thru
Is the "gaming adapter" used to connect the pc that is running pytivo - that no longer works?
no the tivo is hardwired to the router so i know the tivo always has internet. the GA is a secondary issue i have but since i was told to enable multicast i thought maybe that would make the issue go away

regarding pytivo i still have issues, last night i went to transfer a show and the blue light went on but there was no encoding or anything. it seems like i have to stop and start pytivo, kill the item that is in the todo list, yet that item is not transferrring, then start pytivo and then it will mostly work

i thought killing pytivo would stop the blue light but it does not.

maybe it has something to do with hibernation when i close the laptop lid? it's good this is free because it's frustrating to have to babysit things like this
Disable sleep mode reboot your computer (plug it in) and see what happens.
sleep mode on laptop? cant do that, dont want it running all the time and esp when the lid is closed.

if you mean sleep mode on something else then im all ears
sleep mode on laptop? cant do that, dont want it running all the time and esp when the lid is closed.

if you mean sleep mode on something else then im all ears
My suggestion is you disable sleep mode as a test and see if that solves your problem. Leave the lid open. Leave your laptop plugged in.

IF that solves your problem you'll have to find out if a driver or BIOS update will solve the issue or if you'll have to reboot your computer every time you leave sleep mode.

A number of things in my (desktop) computer don't work after I "waken" my computer from sleep mode. A reboot is the only solution I've found.
well something has to be wrong..even after reboots i have issues..says not authorized cannot find account and at the bottom of the interface it gives me my tivo number, not DVR123 like it normally does..also the blue tivo light is on but nothing is transferring, it's like it knows it should be but it's not

and the link to transfer from tivo to pc isnt enabled in the interface screen either

edit: now this makes no sense..after restarting pytivo a few times, i did get to push something from PC to tivo but at the same time the 'my movies' option at the bottom of myshows is not there, which typically indicates there is no connection..to test this i then went to IE and pytivo interface and pushed another show and it actually is working, but it shouldnt be !
If you haven't done it already, give everything on the network that you can a fixed IP address.

Can't hurt, might help.
set tivo to static and laptop not closed since saturday..no dice, i can sit here and transfer something..then an hour later to go to send something then it will turn the blue light on but no conversion..i have to go thru a hodge podge of deleting from todo list, start and restarting pytivo and starting the transfer and eventually something kicks in
How 'bout wiping pytivo and starting over (reinstalling) on the laptop? Remove everything pytivo related (not your media). Check your firewall settings as well - ensure pytivo is enabled. Also, allow it through your anti-virus. I have it running on a mac and linux and have zero problems with a wired tivo.
well um...it took me a very long time to get it working and i hate to mess with it. i have a huge thread on here about the issues, took forever.

but the zonealarm suggestion was a good one..at least i hope...one of the pythonw and also pytivoservice had question marks..still...unsure why it would only work half the time and not. ZA never asked for permissions that i saw,..just checked all pytivo and python to allow...will report back when i run into the inevitable roadblock :)

i also excluded a few pytivo exe files from microsoft essentials
cannot find account ID...not authorized

for the most part it starts encoding (i think the ZA fixed that) then i get that message..also the account ID is what's in the lower corner of the interface screen..not the normal DVR 123

restarting pytivo does nothing...soft reset does nothing

also rebooted and didnt work either but the DVR 123 did come back..and i'm back to the blue light on but nothing transferring or encoding..sigh

edit: fingers crossed again..even though all the py programs etc were allowed, i checked and it seems the 1.110 IP address the tivo has was blocked , i hit allow into trusted zone and i saw it start to encode right away so we shall see how lucky i am tonight..thing i still dont get if 110 was blocked, why woudl it work some of the time?
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