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pyTivo - Beginners Grouping and Pushing Help

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I have recently upgraded from a PC to Mac and until yesterday have had trouble transferring video's from my Mac to the Tivo (nowhere near as easy as it is on the PC).

The fix came in the form of pyTivo. One feature of Tivo Desktop that I miss from the PC is its ability to transfer videos to the Tivo and group them in a particular folder. Does anyone know a simple way I can still achieve this using pyTivo or similar?

Also like on the PC version is there a way to setup automated "watch" folders?
The idea being that you simply drop files into a folder and those files are then automatically pushed to the Tivo.

Thanks in advance!
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pytivo has been made to do both those things. I would suggest a read over at the pytivo forum but will give you the basics on the folder grouping.

Your media files each need a metadata txt file containing the information about the file, title, discription etc and the seriesID and series name. You can then push the files to the tivo and they will group according to series name. The full instructions on the format of the metadata files as well as a great utility metagenerator3 can be found over at the pytivo forum.
Thanks JC - is there a version for MAC?
oops, after rereading, I realized you might have been referring to a Mac version of the metagenerator3. Sorry.
Thanks JC - is there a version for MAC?
If the videos are originally coming from the TiVo, then downloading them with kmttg will automatically produce a metafile for pyTivo.
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