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I'm not sure if this is a PTI program issue or a Season Pass #1 issue.

Nevertheless, every few months I've noticed that PTI no longer shows up in my To Do list. It's still listed as my #1 Season Pass and I will need to either reset it, or delete and reprogram. I'm wondering if other PTI fans have had this problem, or if there is some issue with whatever program is listed as #1 in the SP Mgr occasionally needing to be reset.


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seattlewendell said:
Hmm. When I saw the headline "trouble with PTI", I thought this was a rant about Patrick McEnroe guess hosting. That's the only "trouble" I'm having with PTI.
I agree I hate fill in hosts! Bob Ryan is good but they need to have at least Tony or Micheal on. I also reccomend manual repeats as well to avoid issues.
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