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I pay a flat $45/mo for 60/60 fiber service with wifi 6 gateway included.

I purchased the Channels app ($15 one-time cost) and the MythTV app ($10 one-time cost) for my Apple TV 4K that I use in conjunction with an OTA antenna to watch live and recorded TV. MythTV is a free open-source DVR, so I pay no ongoing fee for that (although if I wanted more than 24 hrs of guide data, I could pay $25/yr for a 14-day guide from Channels Direct).

But the great majority of my viewing is on streaming. I purchased a one-year subscription to HBO Max (premium all ad-free tier with 4K HDR) for $150 and got a couple of special cash-back deals on it ($25 from my AmEx and $16 from Rakuten). So, including tax, the price averages out to about $10.25 per month. I purchased a new Apple TV 4K box back in the summer and got one year of free Apple TV+ with that. (When it runs out, I'll purchase another year for only $50 assuming the price hasn't increased by this summer.) And I also still get Peacock Premium (with ads) for free because I used to be a Comcast broadband customer. Just lucky on that one that I still get it for free! It's regularly $5/mo, which I probably wouldn't pay, but I do watch some stuff on it, including a couple of NBC shows that I could watch from OTA but watch instead on Peacock because the HD picture quality is noticeably better.

I also pick up Hulu (ad-free) or Showtime or Netflix (4K HDR) for a month or two now and then to catch up on the few must-see things that they have. Used to do the same with Prime Video but it kinda fell out of my rotation a couple years ago. No interest in Starz, Paramount+ or Disney+ really, and I milked Epix for all it was worth to me when I got it free/cheap for a few months early last year.

Lastly, I also stream free stuff on YouTube quite a bit, as well as some stuff on the free PBS and Pluto TV apps. Once in a blue moon, I'll watch something on another free app like Tubi, Hoopla or Kanopy (the latter two courtesy of my local library membership). I do have access to YouTube TV via family sharing but I watch it very little. Just a little MSNBC or CNN now and then, really. I just don't have much use for cable TV any more.
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