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Most of the shows I watch are on streaming and YouTube as a result broadcast and Cable take a far backseat. I deal with the ocassional broadcast show with an antenna to my Channels DVR.
I do have YTTV with a $10 discount through T-Mobile. ATT Fiber 1GB plan for $70 also bundles in HBO.
I have the T-Mobile Seniot Max plan that includes Netflix Basic.

As far as what I pay for:

Hulu no ads but that comes and goes.
Britbox when there is a .99 deal at Amazon
I have an annual plan for Paramount+ and Showtime as we do watch a lot of stuff on those services.
YouTube Premium

Now what might eventually get tossed to the wind is YTTV as about the only we watch there are the wife's cooking shows which she is quickly replacing with regular YouTube people.
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