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Some of you have noticed my changing sig, Programs I'd like to Tivo, but l can't find on cable that is followed by links to webpages of programs I'd like to watch, but can't find on cable.

I thought I'd give an update on these programs.

Call for Help has returned to G4. I am hoping that it will also be aired on Chicago's WGN-TV 9 and their superstation too. They need programs that are helpful, encouraging and beneficial for their audience.

Bananas comedy is a very funny stand-up comedy program that proves that comedy doesn't have to be foul to be funny. My Tivo just noticed that Bananas is being carried by (shock!) TBN . Go ahead and ask your Tivo to search for keyword "Bananas" to find this program.

Doctor Who is still not available to my Tivo. I really think this would be a wonderful series for WGN to carry. The classic Doctor Who used to air on WTTW/11 and was very popular in Chicago. There is a Doctor Who convention that runs every year in the Chicago area, even though the show isn't available on the air there.

I still want to see this year's Dove Awards, also known as the Gospel Music Awards

WGN aired this awards program years ago and I'm hoping they'll carry it again.

Anyway, that's the update for now.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Just pulling from my wishlists: Editing out episode specific wishlists, movie wishlists, etc. to just leave the series:
"Doogie Howser"
"Ghost in the Shell"
"Invisible Man" "Vincent Ventresca"
"Jack of all Trades" "Bruce Campbell"
"Major Dad"
"Red Dwarf"
"Silver Spoons"
"Space Above Beyond"
"The Adventures of Brisco County"
"Walt Disney Presents"
Dinosaurs "Stuart Pankin"
Zoe "Selma Blair"

Some of those are just me wondering if the things I remeber are any good. And some of them are avalible on DVD, I just haven't wanted to see them that badly.

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the joy of painting by bob ross. happy trees! we caught it on pbs once when me and my roommates were playing cards and the game ran until 3am. of course, i set it on my wishlist and of course it never came on again. figures.

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Didn't watch a ton of TV while I was a kid, but I vividly remember loving these shows and I would love to see them again:

Whiz Kids

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I would love to see again:

China Beach
St. Elsewhere

It is especially troubling for WKRP and China Beach because there chance of being released to DVD are remote because of the music rights.

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I do get hits with Dr. Who but only runs about 3-4 months out of the year here in Boston,MA

The ARWL I have no hits yet is:

The Phantom Tollbooth
Castaway (it has shown but not without commercials)

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windracer said:
Here are some of my ARWLs that have yet to get any hits:

- Airwolf
- Battle of the Planets
- The Black Hole
- Voltron
- Max Headroom
- Automan
- CHiPS (used to be on TNT a lot, not anymore I guess)
- The A Team

Where's my 80s TV station? ;)

Hmmm ... maybe I should add "Misfits of Science" to the list ...
ADV is releasing Gatchaman on DVD now. It's the show that was later edited to make "Battle of the Planets". I've been getting it as it comes out and it's great to watch. Of course, it's unedited and has a new voice cast but it's got that great nostalgia feel. Nothing like seeing hordes of bell-bottom clad minions get their asses kicked by teenagers in bird costumes.

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I'm still waiting for Brisco County Jr to air again (or make it to DVD)... but I also have others in my wishlist including MANTIS (campy i know), Strange Luck (another FOX-tality). Invisible Man (same last listed above) and Doogie as well. At least you can get DH,MD on DVD now.

I'd like to see a way to maintain show names listings in the tivo even if they arent on the air so you can UMF old classics more easily. I have done wishlists before and gotten the name wrong and it never caught it.
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