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Program Search - Not working

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My Tivo is working perfectly except for the search functionallity, normally when you select/enter letters the program list on the right hand side changes, this is not happening. The lsit does not update, and the list does not reflect any of the letter entered.

Initially I thought that this may due to a corruption, as a result I have rest my Tivo (not deleted the programs) cleared the season pass, run the guided setup, and reloaded the program guide data, still now joy.

Has anyone seen this problem before, and know of a solution?
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That's a strange one and certainly new to me. Sorry, no ideas here.
Do you get the bong noise as you hit Select on a letter?
Have you entered a space first?
I'm now sitting in front of my Tivo, and this is the exact steps:

Pick Programmes to Record
Search By Title
All Programmes

At this point I have nothing showing in the black box at the top of the screen and no programs listed on the right, I'll now try and search for Eastenders.

E, big list of programs appear, first one, Totally Judie Marsh, then, Lost buildings of Britian.

Where's the 'E' in the second entry ???

As I enter the remainder of the letters the list on the right does not change or update.

All very strange . . .
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As a thought, is there any value in changing swapping the boot partition, my Tivo is networked and I can telnet to it?

If so, can someone remind me what I need to do to switch the files, it's been a long time since I've done this?

Sounds like you have a corrupted database. Have you tried "clear & delete everything"?

Failing that, get a new drive and re-image with a known-good image.
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