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Problems with Locals on DTV?

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I just got the upgrade from DTV, new dish, and their new HD receiver. I am getting stuttering and snow (best way to discribe it) on the new HD locals in MPEG4. Anyone else having these issues? I am going to try and resolve with DTV tonight, but wanted to see if anyone else had these issues.
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Did you check signal levels? I dont have the new dish but i'm sure people would ask you that as well as what city you are having trouble in.
Signal Levels seem to be fine. I have 4 other recievers in the house, none are having this problem, except the one. Also, city is Atlanta.
wow well if 4 others are perfect it seems pretty obvious it's the receiver so I hope they help you out quickly with that one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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